Summer Care

2019 Summer Care Program Information & Sign - Up

The Sacred Heart Summer Care Program will begin Monday, June 3, 2019.  The program is open to all Sacred Heart children (school and parish).  Children entering four-year-old preschool through 6th grade can attend the Summer Care Program. 

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Summer Program 2017

The program will run from 7:30 am until 5:30 pm every day, except weekends and holidays. 

The program will be for children on a "regular basis" (12 hours minimum/week/child).  This is billed weekly. The minimum charge of 12 hours per week will apply if your child does not attend, i.e., if you are on vacation, you will still be billed accordingly for your 12 hour minimum per child.

Unpaid balances past 30 days will result in termination of service until paid in full. All balances from the After School Care Program must be paid in full before your child can attend the 2019 Summer Care Program.

Summer Program 2017 CCC

STAFF: Mrs. Kristie Carlson (PK), Mrs. Mary VerMulm (KG), Mr. Charlie Doyle (Gr 3), Mrs. Michele Lauck (Gr 4, Mrs. Jodie Aldous (KG/ASC aide),  Mrs. Tammy Hueck (ASC aide), and Nicole Lauck will lead the program.  These staff members have helped with the program for the last several years and put together a fabulous summer program!  We may hire additional staff, depending on the number of children.
BREAKFAST: we will NOT provide breakfast. Students will need to eat before coming to the summer care program.

LUNCH: We will take students to Spencer Community Schools for their free lunch program once that program begins on June 10th. However, students will need to bring a sack lunch until the free lunch program begins. Children can bring a sack lunch at any time during the summer care program. The summer lunch program will go through August 9th (excluding July 4 & 5). 

SNACKS: we will provide morning and afternoon snacks.

ACTIVITIES WILL INCLUDE: Play, arts/crafts, games, academics, decorating the nursing home, computer lab usage, walks to the parks, trips to aquatic center, trips to city library for programs/activities, trips to the theater for free movies.  Other suggestions will be considered.