Shopping with scrip is easy! All you have to do is continue to make your everyday purchases with scrip cards. Instead of paying with cash, credit or check, you purchase gift cards to your favorite retailers from Sacred Heart or through These gift cards carry a rebate that goes toward Sacred Heart School/Parish (30%) and your school tuition, church support, faith formation fees, or tuition assistance fund (70%).  See enrollment form below to sign-up.

We keep an inventory of local cards (Hy-Vee, Fareway, Casey’s, Walmart, etc.) on hand for purchase through the church office during business hours. Additionally, you can purchase gift cards from hundreds of national businesses by signing up online or there are a few listed on the national Scrip order form below. There are certain local businesses that participate in the scrip program and other national businesses that participate through 

To enroll in scrip, click here
To order "local" scrip click here to download the form. 
To order "national" scrip click here to see a sample of a few popular national scrip vendors.

For a full listing of national Scrip providers, visit  You'll need the Sacred Heart Enrollment Code to enroll online.  Call the church office at 262-3047 for Sacred Heart's enrollment code or email Susie Baxter - for any scrip questions.

Keep in mind, you will greatly benefit by signing up and having an online account - there are hundreds if not nearly 1,000 retailers online!