Updated Sick Policy

Sacred Heart Sick Policy 2020-2021

Sacred Heart School references the Iowa Department of Public Health, Clay County Public Health, and local family healthcare providers to provide guidelines which define when a student is well enough to attend school during the COVID-19 pandemic. This guidance may need to be modified to meet appropriate public health and safety needs as necessary.


Sacred Heart will do temp checks on all students every morning.

ALL students (Preschool through 6th grade) are required to wear masks.  Gators and face shields will NOT be allowed.  If your child does not have a proper mask, the school will provide one.

Please check in with your child every morning before they come to school. If they have symptoms (i.e. headache, nasal congestion (stuffy/runny nose), nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, fever (100.4F), muscle/body aches, fatigue, sore throat, etc), PLEASE keep them home and consider taking them for a medical evaluation. The IDPH has identified the above as "low risk" symptoms, potentially being associated with COVID-19.

Plan ahead to arrange how your child will be cared for if they stay home or need to go home from school due to an illness.

Notify the school if your child is ill and will not be at school and report the symptoms.

Notify the school if your child is positive for COVID-19.

If my child is exposed in their classroom and needs to quarantine, do their siblings have to stay home as well?
No, as long as they are not exhibiting any Covid-19 symptoms, they do not need to quarantine. When it comes to who has to quarantine, it is ONLY those who were exposed to the positive Covid individual. A sibling would be exposed to the exposed.....and that does not warrant a quarantine period.

What do I do if my child is sent home sick from school with Covid symptoms?
If your child is being sent home with 2 or more of the low risk symptoms for Covid-19:
-Students should remain home when sick and are being advised to seek an evaluation by a health care provider.
-Following your visit with a health care provider, please inform the school of the diagnosis.
-If you have an alternative diagnosis other than Covid, the student can return to school after 24 hours with no fever (without the use of fever-reducing medicine) and symptoms have improved.

Sacred Heart will follow the State of Iowa’s Reopening Iowa’s Schools Safely and Responsibly Guidance.

Sacred Heart will utilize a “Health Room” for isolating students with symptoms.
This will be located just to the left after our main entrance in what used to be a guided reading/small group room. All other ailments, not related to COVID-19 will be handled in the Nurses room, located just next to Mrs. Studer’s office. Examples of ailments that will be handled there include: bloody nose, accident at recess, and receiving daily medication.
When a child is not feeling well in the classroom, teachers will call down to the front office and notify either Mrs. Studer or Mrs. Woodall of the situation, the child will then be met in the hallway and either taken to the Health Room, or Nurses’s Room.

If someone in my household does not feel well and goes to the doctor for COVID symptoms and gets tested, do all members of my household have to quarantine while we wait for results, or can they return to school?

If the other members of the household do not have ANY COVID symptoms, they may return to school.

We would highly recommend that you would keep them home until the test results come back, to be on the safe side, but according to the department of education and public health's guidance they would not have to.

Cases like this will come up, and technically until a family has a positive COVID case, they do not have to inform the school, so for us to regulate much of this it is out of our hands. But, the benefit of keeping your child home if they possibly could be exposed or have a sick family member will be helping the school by eliminating the risk of us having to possibly quarantine students in the future. So if you are able to have your other children stay home until the results from the test are known, it could be saving the school and many other families from a 14 day quarantine.

What happens when a household member tests positive for COVID?
Please contact the school immediately so that they are aware of what students need to quarantine. If your child is at school the day you find out a household member tests positive, you will need to come get your child, as they cannot be in school. Your child will need to be out of school for his/her 14 days. After speaking with public health, because we have now had multiple families in this situation, Clay County Public Health advised that the exposed household member's 14 days of quarantine starts not the first day they are out of school, but rather the first day that they have limited or no contact with the individual who tested positive in the household.
They noted that this is hard for younger students as they are pretty self reliant on their parents to do things for them. But if you could limit your contact with your child and wear a mask and have her/him wear a mask when you have to be close (less than 6ft) that would help limit the possibility of spreading to other household members. If any members of your household experience any symptoms, we would advise they get tested.

As a school, I am not able to regulate this obviously, as what or how things take place in your household is out of my control, so just do your best, as I know we have great families here at Sacred Heart that are committed to slowing the spread. Please communicate with your classroom teacher and the office as to when the 14 days of quarantine is up, and we will look forward to your child returning to school!

If my child has to quarantine due to a household member being positive, can I just get them tested so they can return to school sooner?
Your child will still need to quarantine. If you do get them tested and they test positive, they only have to quarantine 10 days AND their symptoms improve. But if they test negative, they still have to quarantine the 14 days.

Please note that getting COVID is a huge stressor for so many, and know that at Sacred Heart we do not judge a family or an individual who gets COVID. We understand that so much of COVID is out of our control and we need to just "Let go, and let God", and if we do that, we will pray for our Sacred Heart families dealing with COVID, because we never know when we too may experience the stress of COVID in our own household.


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