Quarantine Guidelines 9/29/2020

Sacred Heart WILL use these new guidelines.

The biggest change is that if both the infectious individual AND the close contact were wearing face coverings (mask or gator) consistently and correctly they no longer need to quarantine.

Two key words in the statement are consistently and correctly. Teachers will also need to track data in regards to consistent and correct wearing of the masks of their students. Parents please review with your child how to properly wear a mask/gator, and discuss the importance of wearing it correctly.

Also, please note that students who are a close contact to a household member are still required to quarantine for at least 14 days.

Because of this change in guidance, Sacred Heart is going to require students 1st-6th grade to wear masks or gators only. NO MORE FACE SHIELDS. By eliminating face shields, we are immediately taking them out of the equation when it comes to tracking close contacts and if they need to quarantine or not. This change is for both staff and students.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, to our staff and families for working so hard to keep all Sacred Heart families safe.


Amanda Woodall